The relationship between employment and desistance from crime is an obvious one. But how someone gets released from prison and into work is very complex. It often has very little to do with someone’s ability nor any control they may or may not hold over their life. The idea is that if a person with a conviction can hold down a job they are unlikely to reoffend again. But before someone can hold down a job they have to have had a fair chance in finding employment, and this is where Freedom Bakery comes in.

We work with people still in custody and those who have been recently released. The idea is that we bridge the gap and maintain a continuity for that person when nearly everything else about their lives is chaotic. However, we are by no means experts of criminal justice. We are an artisan bakery and with a great deal of passion for our craft. Sometimes the best way to help others is not to mark them out by what they have done but to work with them on something that has no relationship to where they have been nor prejudice on what they can achieve.

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We have been fortunate enough to ocassionally gain exposure through local and national press outlets.  We feel that this benefits the cause of the bakery as it helps us convey our philosophy to a wider audience than usual.  Below are just a few of the many publications we’ve been featured in over the years.  Click on any of the featured to view the full article online.


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