Why we’re so excited about Let’s Eat

The perceptive among you may have noticed that we are pretty much mega excited for Let’s Eat Glasgow (this weekend, SWG3, free entry) so we thought it might be worth an explanation as to why.

There are obviously approximately 12365489321264 reasons to be excited for this festival. But I’m going to try and be concise and articulate so:

  • It’s run by some of the best, tastiest restaurants in Glasgow: the Real Food, Real Folk cooperative was begun by Colin Clysdale, of Ubiquitous Chip, and his partner Carol Wright. Now, Stravaigan, Crabshakk, Cail Bruich, The Gannet, Guys, Mother India, Ox and Finch, and Cottenrake Bakery have joined this initiative.
  • Real Food, Real Folks’s aim is to give food sourced from the West of Scotland the attention it deserves whilst also addressing the theme of social inclusion. 

So basically, the best chefs also have the biggest hearts. But why are we, specifically, so excited about this. Freedom Bakery doesn’t have a public facing side of the business (yet). Given that we are based in HMP Low Moss we don’t often get the chance to meet the people that support us but now we do! We have the chance to answer any of your questions, and see your reactions when you try our food. We’re excited.

But also, one of the other aspects that is important in our social enterprise (employment opportunities being high on our priority list) is social cohesion. And our current lack of public facing business is making this difficult. But not only do we get the opportunity to really push this idea this weekend but we get to do it a festival with THE EXACT SAME ETHOS.

Overall, we really feel like Let’s Eat Glasgow is an extremely worthy use of your time, if not to come and see us, just to experience it! There will be countless social enterprises there, all working towards fantastic things. So come along, say hi, eat some fantastic food, contribute to fantastic causes and have fun!

If you can’t make it this weekend but you are desperate to try our products, check out where in Glasgow stocks our goods!


P.S I feel like this is a good time to remind everyone of the blog post written by one of our fabulous apprentices!