The resistible rise of the beremeal bannock

This week Doug has written a piece about his favourite bread. Join the queue, Doug.

Sourdough bloomers – the star of the artisan bread revolution – predictably flew off our stand at the recent Let’s Eat Glasgow food festival. But it was a less well-known bake with origins far from our Glasgow base that proved to be the surprise runaway success of the day. Nutty brown, round and scored into quarters for easy sharing, the beremeal bannock is definitely an eye-catcher and was the first product to completely sell out.

Beremeal Bannock loaf

Scottish through and through, the Freedom Bakery bannock is made with an ancient variety of barley flour milled almost exclusively at Barony Mills in Orkney.
beremeal_bag_1474628915750Our head baker Scott introduced the bannock to the Freedom Bakery product range with an eye to keeping traditional bakes alive to preserve Scotland’s rich baking heritage.

“I have been trying to update some old Scottish recipes and the bannock goes back as far as bread does in Scotland with its modern iterations being the scone, soda scone, tattie scone and the Irish soda bread. I wanted to try and make it using beremeal as a nod to the history. It is also THE simplest bread to make!”

Bannocks made at home are traditionally cooked on a hot girdle, but at Freedom Bakery we bake them as batches in the oven. As well as beremeal they contain organic plain flour, buttermilk, butter, sea salt and bicarbonate of soda.

Southsider Michael Lancaster is one recent convert to the beremeal bannock and now gets one every weekend from Harvest Co-op in Pollokshaws Road. “I lived in Paris for about ten years and moved to Glasgow 18 months ago. One of the things I missed most to begin with was real bread and how hard it was to get it here. I heard about the Let’s Eat Glasgow festival and discovered Freedom Bakery and the beremeal bannock there and I’m now ordering it through Harvest Co-op. I love a real bread, I eat mine with soft cheeses or dip into a home made spicy yoghurt. Actually it’s so tasty you can eat it on its own!”


The Freedom Bakery beremeal bannock is also available at Roots, Fruits and Flowers in Great Western Road.