Damien McGarrigle
Non-executive Director
Damien is one of our non-executive directors providing strategic support to Freedom Bakery. Damien has a background in financial services. He is currently head of Commercial Insurance for Lloyds Banking Read More
Jim Bennett
Jim has  thirty years experience in delivering community and economic development initiatives, from field work to UK senior management level. Skills developed in both front line delivery and at Chief Read More
Lee Macaloney
Assistant Baker
Lee is our Assistant Baker. Lee started his training at Tapa whilst still at school and worked there for three years before joining Freedom in September 2015. He assists in Read More
Matt Fountain
Matt Fountain is a graduate of the Universities of Glasgow and Cambridge. In 2015 he set up Freedom Bakery, after 18 months of research and negotiation with the Scottish Prison Read More
Naomi Kemmett
Kiosk Assistant
After training as a hairdresser, studying music at college, and working as a telephonist, Naomi still felt she wasn’t on the right career path. So she joined the Freedom Bakery Read More
Oliver Melling (Oj)
Oliver came to freedom in January 2017, and can be spotted out and about delivering Freedom’s wholesale stock throughout Glasgow and beyond. When he’s not at the wheel of the Read More
Scott Mackenzie
Head Baker
Scott is the head baker of Freedom Bakery. He has 11 years of experience working in artisan baking, initially training at Tapa and then becoming head baker at Delizique in Read More


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