Old Town Street Food Festival

On Easter Sunday The Three Sisters held their Old Town Street Food Festival! This is held across every spring and summer bank holiday so you have plenty of opportunity to go and try some great food.

It was raining when I first arrived but the queues outside the vendors were still massive and everything smelt delicious. Food was provided by:

I really did have every intention of trying everything. I had been working up to this for a while and was really excited to try the food. But in my excitement I ordered four Hirata buns and wolfed them down and then was so full I couldn’t try anything else. So that was a lesson learnt.


Hirata Buns: Chicken and Pulled Pork

Hirata Buns: Chicken and Pulled Pork

There were three different flavours: chicken, pulled pork and falafel. They were all delicious but I did have to go back and get another pulled pork one.

My friends that I was with all enjoyed their food and I got glowing reports of Harajuko Kitchen in particular whilst I was having a food induced nap on the benches (by this point the sun had come out and I could pretend my need to lie down was just a desire to sun bathe as opposed to my outrageous over-indulgence).

The whole day was great fun. The atmosphere was buzzing, the food was delicious and there were loads of really great bands playing. If you can make it over to the next one on the 1st May then you should definitely go!

Seriously though I do really, really love steamed buns. I’m thinking Freedom should go in an Asian inspired direction..?