Great British Bake Off moves to Channel 4

As most of the country slept peacefully on 12th September 2016, Love Productions and BBC were battling through the night trying to come to an agreement on whether the most watched show of 2015 could remain on BBC1. As the bleary-eyed British population got out of bed to start their day, they were met with the news many feared most: BBC loses Great British Bake Off.

“What will this do to the format?” many screamed through their cornflakes. “What if Mary, Paul, Mel and Sue don’t go to Channel 4?” others shrieked on the bus to work. Pandemonium has hit the streets as the news sinks in; Greggs stocks plummet as the country loses faith in baked goods in general. If Theresa May wants to sneak out some really bad news, then today is the day to do it because all people are talking about is #Bakexit.tweet-1




At Freedom Bakery, we, like the rest of you have been trying to come to terms with the news. We’ve been wondering all morning if Great British Bake Off will become unrecognisable over at Channel 4. If Paul, Mary, Mel and Sue don’t move with the show who will replace them? Will Dave Lamb become the narrator? Will the homely feel of the show be overtaken by a more showbiz atmosphere?

We want to give it a fair chance because Channel 4 does deal with a lot of food shows, and of course airs another favourite ‘Come Dine With Me’. Perhaps Great British Bake Off would do well there. Bake Off, of course, loves a good baking euphemism and Come Dine With Me nails the tongue in cheek vibe. But Come Dine With Me draws people in because you get to watch some very eccentric, often arrogant people fight over who can host the best dinner party. Apart from Ice-Cream-gate of last series (or to follow the latest trend in lazy journalism ‘Ice-Cream-xit’) the contestants always try and help each other out and offer each other support.

tumblr_ocso2ezqe71qfx172o1_500  Apparently, the first series that Channel 4 airs will be a celebrity GBBO in aid of charity so this could already be a move away from the domestic feel the nation has grown to know and love. Another concern that has racked the country is the addition of adverts to the show.

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What do you think about the move? Is this the end of Bake Off as we know it, or will our lives be largely unaffected by this move? Only time will tell…