7 Reasons you should pledge to our crowd funder

1. We at Freedom Bakery just love giving back! You will receive a gift from us if you decide to pledge, or if you really are doing it out of the goodness of your heart you can choose to opt out of the gift.  Gifts start from a pastry of your choice to a bakery class for you and 3 others including dinner and a bread designed for you, made in your honour and named after you!

This is one of our delicious Copenhagens.


2. When the second bakery opens you will be able to visit us more easily!

We can't wait to get the community feel of our friends FIKA!

We can’t wait to get the community feel of our friends FIKA!


3. The number of people to whom we can offer this opportunity to expands with the opening of this second bakery. Now we will be able to open this up to people in custody across Scotland.


4. You will be able to take part in bakery classes in the new bakery!


5. One of our current bakers Joe has said, “this has given me the confidence to get a job, hopefully as a baker, outside. And hopefully not to come back to prison.” We think this is a pretty great testimonial for what we do! Below you can watch a video with more comments from our apprentices.


6. For every person with a conviction that can stay in employment we save the tax payer £940,000 per individual! This social enterprise obviously is driven by really great social aims but the economics shouldn’t be ignored either. We can’t argue with this figure – by pledging to our crowd funding campaign you will actually be saving yourself and others money.

7. We are an all or nothing campaign. That means that if we don’t make our target then we don’t get any of the money. So anything you can spare does go a really long way whether it’s £5 or £500 we will be eternally grateful and don’t forget you’ll even bag yourself a wee gift!